Only 2 Month left


I can´t believe it. In only 2 month I´ll see my parents. But the time in Vancouver was fantastic. I´m so glad that I actually did it. The risk to leave your family for 6 month was high for me. But I am proud of myself that I decide to do this exchange.

Since the first february I life in Vancouver. And I´ll leave on the 25.07 with my parents. *-*

Vancouver is diffrent that Cologne. Bigger. Higher and it is too expensive!!!!




Hey guys,

yesterday I was in Victoria and it was so beautiful and funny. I laughed so much. Of curse I took so many pictures from the city and with my friends. At the end of April I run the famous sun run. I hope it´ll be good.

Vancouver- White Rock


Hello World,
I´m a exchange girl from Germany and I live in Vancouver for 5 Month. I´m still here for 1 1/2 Month and I wait for the other 3 1/2 Month to vista Vancouver Downtown.

It is so wonderful here… I really love it. I meet so many new friends and they arte so nice to me. It is other than Germany.
Yesterday my hostfather and me went to white rock and it was so funny. It was a perfect sunny day. For everyone “white rock” is a beach in Vancouver near from the U.S.. It was too cold to go swimming, but it was so funny.
Today is a rainy day. Sometimes I really hate it, because you cannot visit Vancouver in rainy Day. But it´ll be better!!

This was my first post from me and you´ll hear me again!